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Hecate, Goddess of the Night, Crossroads, and the Dead

Hecate a Goddess of the night who stands on the edge of the city of life, she stands at the crossroads leading to unknown lands. The dead are laid to rest in her realm, wild dogs roam scavenging what is tossed away. She speaks to the restless spirits that roam outside the walls who have found no peace. Light and dark, life and death, mundane and magick intersect in her land.


She is strong and silent, speaks only when she has something important to say. Her presence is often all that is needed to get the point across. The dead come when she calls like a siren to move them along from any earthly ties to what awaits them. Her approach can be kind or harsh, but always because she knows it must be down, or no change will happen.


Hecate can also help the living move past difficult ties as well, but with a similar approach as with the dead. She can be kind or harsh, but never sugar coats words or actions. Though she holds the lantern to light the path, one must take the steps along the way for change to happen. She does not suffer fools lightly, but will be patient to a point if they are sincere.


On this day of Samhain (Halloween) that is the fall harvest, to celebrate life before the cold drives us in for the winter. It is also to remember those who have past before us, and celebrate there life as the veil between thins and spirits roam. This night, to remember and celebrate, setup a dinner setting for the dead. A favorite food or a small meal of what you will be serving that night to include them in the festivities. 


Possible food Offerings

– Bread

– Apples

– Cheese

– Honey

– Milk

– Squash

– Wine

– Beer

– Chocolate 

– Fruit


On this night, if you wish to honor Hecate as well. You can leave offerings for her either at a crossroads (not a busy road) or at your front door entrance, since she is also a Goddess of the gateways. You can also light a candle in her honor and place offerings around it.


Symbols and Offerings to Hecate

 – Crossroads

– Keys

– Doorways/Gateways

– Dogs

– Owls

– Horses

– Snakes

– Torches/Lanterns

– Black candles

– Bread

– Honey

– Wine

– Milk

– Fruit


If you have problems or things in your life you are having trouble working through. Take a piece of paper and write down the problem you wish to work through and as you make your dedication to Hecate ask her for help. Be sure that you wish her help since Hecate rarely takes the easy and simple route, and hardly painless. Once you have finish, fold the paper and place it under the candle, light asking for her blessing.

A symbol to carry with you as a reminder of Hecate or charged to her is a iron key. This is in connection with her ties to the gateway between life and death and change.



The Familiar

Article By: Eilfie Music

Ravens, toads, spiders, dogs, and cats – the companions of witches. Not just your average domestic pet, these animals do more than simply sit in the window and sun themselves. When we think of familiars, the black cat is perhaps the first and most prominent image to come to mind, with its back arched and eyes aglow. During the witch trials, these creatures were defined as low-ranking demons or imps that were given to the witch by the Devil to assist in any tasks, such as spying, ruining crops, and stealing the breath of sleeping neighbors. The witch could have more than one familiar and even acquire one from another witch. The witch’s mark (used as evidence in accusing someone of witchcraft) was in essence an extra nipple that nourished the familiar. According to some confessions, it seemed at times that the witch could take on the form of their familiar in order to go around and do harm as well. If a dog or cat could not be found at the residence of the accused, they would look for a bee or fly that could also act as a familiar. Any animal or creature could be seen as an agent of the devil and witches assistant. Along with those accused of witchcraft being executed, many of the animals marked as familiars were killed as well in Scotland and other areas of Europe.

Today, the idea of the familiar is more connected with the spirit animals or totems. Instead of being called low-ranking demons, they are now seen as either the spirit of the animal, or a nature spirit taking the form of an animal. People also connect the familiar with the animal form of their subconscious mind. Some practitioners are drawn to a certain animal, wanting to gain its traits such as the craftiness of a fox or the confidence of a cat, while others have certain animals come to help them through troubling areas that they are not fully aware of.

A familiar works with the witch in circle casting, and can move in and out of the circle without disturbing it (though you want be careful of a wandering tail hitting a candle), and they can also assist on the astral plane during meditation. Often the familiar finds the person when they are not expecting it, when you do need them in your life for certain tasks. Twice my father’s same familiar found him. My Father never told me the first story, or perhaps I just don’t remember it; the second time, though, was out in the woods while he was hunting for roots. This half-starved fluff of feline came running up the dirt road towards him and wouldn’t stop until he took her. She ruined her voice from the amount of yowling she had to do to keep his attention up one side of the hill and back down.

Unlike the common household pet, a familiar in physical form is often seen with more awareness. This, of course, can also be something projected by the witch onto that pet just by being more aware of its habits and personality. Our pets seem to have their own way of life that goes beyond the simple animal habits; they oftentimes also take on similar traits to their human counterparts (this might be why people often forget that they are beasties, and refer to them as furry children for whom you don’t have to pay college tuition).

In the shamanic sense, the familiar is an extension of yourself that many people don’t wish to deal with. It contains both the bad and good parts of us. It’s more than simply the happy parts of us that we want to focus on while quite frankly ignoring the bad. The fox may be sly and crafty, but he can be lazy and selfish as well. These animal spirits are also at times higher beings that take the form of animals to make a point.

Animals have a uniqueness that we as people forget at times. The household pet becomes more of a fixture then a companion. A connection can be formed with your cat, dog, or rabbit in an energetic working to help the practitioner through spell work or even difficult times.

One of the methods is to simply meditate on the goal of bring an animal spirit to you for help. Unless you have a particular animal in mind that you know would work well with you, you can also just focus on the idea of any particular animal coming through and then finding out why that one did. When an animal comes through in your meditation, research more then just the magic side of it; find out what this animal is like in the wild. What are its habits? How does it survive, and does this connect to you?

The familiar today should be looked at as more then simply a magical creature we connect to on this plain. It is a link to the natural side of us that we tend to forget. Familiars help make that link between man and wild.



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