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Seeking Hekate

Eilfie M. E. 

Dark one who holds the truth for those who seek in the Darkness,

Many names remembered still and many now forgotten from text and memory,

Dogs hail the arrival with the dieing sun in the west,

Holding the keys to Sky, Earth and Underworld on hip,

Standing at the crossroads on the edge of civilization,

Whispering through the cold lips of the dead,

Face always veiled in the Death shroud,

 Torch bearing in the moonless night ,

Invoking shades with sweet breath,

Flourishing in the rot,

Walking in dreams,

Ancient Witch,



Response to article “Are We Creating a Paranormal Drought”

by Eilfie M. E. 

I posted a response on my Facebook page, but it was getting too long and I had too much I wanted to say. This article brings up so many good points that should be discussed in the community as a whole. 

Here is the article I am bouncing off of and will be quoting in bold in post.

“I have a theory, and I would be interested in knowing if anyone in the paranormal community agrees with me. Is it possible that some places have been hunted too much?”

I think yes and no. I do think the big locations  to hunt are possible being over done. I agree, that when you have a large amount of people stomping around you really can’t catch definitive evidence. You can possible have personal experiences, but nothing that can hold up to any scrutiny no matter how sure you are that it happen. The author Charis gives great examples of this. 

Places like Gettysburg are one of many hot spots for ghost hunting today, with advertisements for ghost hunts, ghost walks, and haunted B&B then ever in the historic town. Seems like you can throw a rock and hit or pass through a ghost. How much of this is really a haunted town or the wanting for it to be a haunted town. Could this be where the idea that the haunting has a shelf life come in. We don’t know how long a residual can last before it is esencially written over by other events. The places could have been very haunted at one point, but not as much now. It has been a couple of years since I was last investigating in Gettysburg, so I am not sure. 

This article also in a way brings up the topic of the semi new growing business Side of ghost hunting. Supply and demand. Locations make profit off of being haunted. The top places are Usually perfect settings for a ghost to be wondering around. We expect them to be haunted, but does that mean they are? You read the stories and hear the history and build up the images of the most horrendous things possible in your mind before even setting foot on the location. I am not saying these places aren’t haunted, but are we maybe expecting too much. Just because the living can run the building year round doesn’t mean the ghosts want to. 

We go to these locations and expect activity. We pull energy from the place with the excitement and adreline rush of being there, but do we put any back into the place. The ghost aren’t dancing monkeys  for our amusement. They are either spirits of the once living, imprints, or something we just don’t know yet. Do we need to put energy back into the location or allow it to recharge or reset for a time?

I was recently exploring the world of Paranormal Podcasts and came across one called Stirring the Cauldron by Marla Brooks. In one of her episodes she contemplates the question, “Do haunted locations have a shelf-life?” During that episode, she tells of an experience she had in which she asked medium David Wills the reason the famed Winchester House was devoid of spirit activity. His answer is quite enlightening. He told her the spirits were still in the house, but they were bored with the endless parade of paranormal investigators. They aren’t impressed with us or our attempts to get in contact with them. Her guest Brian Patrick implied they may not want to perform for us like monkeys endlessly beating the drum to our endless inquiries: “Are you there?,” “What’s your name,” “Do you know you’re dead?” etc.”

EVP sessions are one of the biggest methods to trying to gain evidence. The same questions in the quote are repeated all the time. We are all guilty of it. This might be because we are not sure what to say  to thin air making the one sided conversation feel strange. Though Who would want to talk about there own death, when they can rarely talk to anyone. Maybe they just want to have a human conversation. We don’t know if they are conscious or just sound bites of the past at times. We should place ourselves in there spot. If you could finally talk to someone after not having any human contact for years what would you want to say or be asked? 

What could be happening is just us over looking activity. When you have so many people in one area, a small thing could happen but is over looked due to too many distractions at that moment. We also have to remember to speak up to anything we experience, especially if a recorder is running at the moment.  large things are more expected to happen like doors banging and furniture sliding across the room, but is it possibly harder to do. We don’t know what causes it or allows spirits to do it. A knock bang  or pop might be all they can do. We have theories, but they are still just theories. And don’t whisper. We have this automatic need to whisper when it is dark or night in a building. Unless people trying sleep you don’t need to whisper. I have done it myself

  • Should we reevaluate why we are going into these locations.
  • Are we expecting too much from these locations
  • Should locations have down time to recaharge or reset if that is the possible cause.
  • Should the number of people at a location at a given time be reduced.
  • How do we become more aware of our surroundings during a ghost hunt both for activity and other people. 
  • Is this truly a concern, have other people or groups notice this drought in ghost hunting.

Hair Mask Recipe #1

Last few years I have been playing around with various kitchen recipes for face and hair masks. My hair is on the fine side and that I have been trying to grow as long as possible.  This recipe makes about two batches depending on how long your hair is. You can wrap up the rest and put in the refrigerator, but use within the next day or so.

Hair Mask Recipe #1

2 Tbl. Of plain yogurt, whole is preferred.

1 Tbl. Of Olive Oil

2-3 drops of Tea Tree Oil (little goes a long way)

1 egg

Mix all the ingredients together well. Make sure to break up the yoke and white as much as possible. Since this is messy, it is best to do this over a sink or tub. Using your hands, work the mix onto the scalp since that is where you want this concentrated on. You can then move it through the and down to the tips of your hair. Rub and work the mix into your scalp but don’t comb through or you could break or pull the hair. Pile your hair on top of your head and cover with a shower cap and even a towel as well. Be warning that the mix might drip around the edges as it warms.

Leave the mix in for about 15-20 minutes. Rinse mix out well so not to have any egg left in the hair and let air-dry.

Yogurt- Protein, conditioner

Olive Oil- moisturize the hair

Tea Tree Oil- Helps with scalp irritation (Be careful since in concentrated form it can burn if over used, a little goes a long way)

Egg- Protein, moisturize


Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, this is just my own research and working within the kitchen. Don’t ingest this recipe since it has raw egg and tea tree oil in the recipe. Don’t let it get into your eyes as well.


Jackal and Little Witch Comic #1″Woes of a W.O.W. Widow”

Jackal and Little Witch 1

Artwork Presented at Lemont Cafe November 2012

For the month of November, I am presenting my paintings at the cozy Lemont Cafe in Lemont, Pa on the corner of Pike st. and Boalsburg Rd. I was very happy to get the chance to do this, since the last time had been in 2005 at Univ-Con. At least 5 of the pieces are acrylic and one is a watercolor on display in the front entrance of the cafe. Photos of the display coming soon.

The Lemont Cafe is set in the Lemont House along with the herbal shop Belladonna that is right across the hall. The cafe itself has loose leaf tea, fresh brewed coffees and tasty fresh meals. As always a plus side, it has free wi-fi.

On Wednesday the cafe has Ms. Salli do Tarot and palm readings that you can sign up for.

If you enjoy the artwork you see in the cafe, you can visit my etsy shop “Hecate’s Crossroads” where prints are available of some of the pieces.

Lemont Cafe
Hecate’s Crossroads

Lemon Address and Hours:
921 Pike Street #103
Lemont, PA 16851


URN Epiphany Summer 2012 Tour Dates

24 – Houston, TX – Abbey’s Pub

25 – Arlington, TX – The Ranch Nightclub

26 – Austin, TX – Hoek’s Death Metal Pizza

27 – San Antonio, TX – Bonds 007

31 – Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico – Rock Amerkia


1 – Saltill, Coahuila, Mexico – Salon Paraiso

2 – Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico – Tarek

3 – Durango, Durango, Mexico – Café Madrid


24 – Kansas City, MO – Riot Room

25 – St. Paul, MN – Station 4

26 – Fond du Lac, WI – Ziggy’s

27 – Chicago, IL – The Ultra Lounge

28 – Sauget, IL Pop’s

29 – Indianapolis, IN – House of Rock






Dominic St. Charles- Guitars and Lead Vocals

Julian Umberger – Bass and Backing/Death Vocals

Drake Mefestta- Keyboards/Backing Vocals

Jenna Scifres – Violin

Stephan O’ Mallie – Drums and Percussion


The Life of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice and Living With Magick in a Mundane World. The First Revised Abraxas Editions

Available now through Lulu press, is the combined revised edition of my Uncle Tony’s books: “The Life of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice” and “Living with Magick in a Mundane World” in a hardback version.

Anthony  Mollick is a student in the A.:A.: and learned under my father James L. Music Frator Antemos