Serpents Coil and tumble in a cascade down her shoulders, as silver and gold glint off of pale flesh that has hardly seen the sun. Hidden away in her stone temple prison, a figure both used on shields for protection and feared for her deadly stare. No one is sure if she retained her beauty or became hideous when cursed for something that was possible not her doing.
Though closed off from the world and hunted by fighters bidding for her head to earn bragging rights, she drapes herself in fine cloth and the jewelry taken from the dead. Once she despised her curse, to never gaze upon a mortal without turning them to cold dead stone. Now driven by insanity and hatred for the outside world, she revels in each man who wonders through her gates with shield and sword in hand. A suitor to meet death at her cold pale hands and bright eyes.

Early Medusa

Here is my most recent work after “Playing Until the End”. As you can guess; this is a painting in almost portrait form of Medusa. She has always been a favorite of mine that, I have drawn her several times before. The serpent hair is always the trickiest, since I have to make it mass of coiling snakes that seem individual and still resemble hair in a sense.

In many of the old images I have come across of her, I like the head piece of wings she wears, so I wanted to included those as well. Though I am not sure if they are attached to her, or just decoration.

While working on the painting, I had first started with a serpent like eye, but then decided to turn it into a more human eye since no one can ever look into her eyes without being killed.


This print is now available in my Etsy shop

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