Sympathetic Magick

Article By: Eilfie Music

One of the forms of magick that I practice is known as sympathetic magick. This type of magick operates under the basis that like attracts like. Witchcraft, Voodoo, Hoodoo, and Rootwork work within sympathetic magick. Since each combines both items they consider to have magickal properties, such as various herbs and stones with items that resemble what the spell is intended for, such as keys, poppets,string, and colored candles. With sympathetic magick, you use something similar to what you are trying to accomplish in a spell.

A good example is the use of poppets. A poppet is a doll that can be made of various material such as straw, clay, or cloth, that represents the person that you are trying to effect through magick. A poppet is not always used for cursing or causing harm as seen in movies with people sticking pins in dolls. To make a further connection between the poppet and the person is to add something personal of theirs, such as hair, nail clippings, or scraps of their cloths. This forms a connection between the person and item you are using. Once the poppet has a connection with the person, you then add items for the intention of the spell itself. Often herbs are used in working with healing spells, along with crystals and powders. Another example of sympathetic magic which can be found in hoodoo is working a spell through someone’s footprint. This is often done to cause someone harm or to control them. This is done by effecting the footprint they leave behind in the dirt or even putting something in their path both physically and metaphorically.

Other forms of sympathetic magick include the use of color candles. This form is using the idea that certain colors correspond with certain actions or emotions in connection with a spell. The candle is dressed (prepared) with herbs and oils. These candle spells can be very simple, for example, picking a color such as green for money or a new job—while also going out and actually trying to find a job. A more complex method of preparing the same candle spell, is to burn it on a certain day (and even hour) along with placing under the candle a description of how much money you need or the kind of job you want.

Something that people do often without realizing that they are doing a form of sympathetic magic, is putting up images of goals or things that you want in your life. This is often place somewhere where it will be seen everyday and remind the person what they are working towards. It is a focusing tool to remind yourself what all your work is meant for. Sympathetic magick is considered a primitive form of magick that can be seen throughout various cultures in history. It can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be, since this meant to help make the connection with your consciousness and effecting your environment.


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