A Shiny Bauble to Catch the Eye

Article By: Eilfie Music

Jewelry decorates and adds brilliance to our form. Throughout history, mankind has created jewelry to beautify, enhance, protect, and distinguish ourselves. Today, jewelry can be very simple and made of cheap material such as plastic, or can consist of precious metals and rare encrusted jewels that need to be insured. Necklaces, rings, charms, and pins can turn a drab outfit into something a little shiner. These items do not just hold meaning to a person, but in a way carry a bit of that person as well.  Some haunted objects are ones that are kept close to the owner the most. This is also why the same items can be charged to carry energy for a purpose.

One of my favorite things to do is go antique hunting. I love items from the Victorian age right up to the 1950’s. Some of my favorite things to look for are old jewelry pieces, and not even the pricey stuff but the unique pieces that is often costume jewelry. Energy workers that I have spoken to will talk about how some antique baubles will have the imprints of people still attached to them. They are not necessarily haunted, but carry an impression of the last owner until it’s written over by a new person. Even if someone is not sensitive or looking for a charged object, they will often get impressions off of these trinkets, such as that feeling you get when a ring just calls for you to wear it, or a necklace that looks perfectly nice, but does not feel quite right to have. One of the methods I use to cleanse a piece of jewelry of any unwanted energy is to place it in the sun for the day. You can also place it in a bowl of salt for a few hours, or put it in water with salt in the light; just make sure the item can handle the water.

Not all haunted objects have negative connections. Some of them can be positive or they just don’t do much of anything. Rarely does a conscious spirit haunt an item, but instead you are getting the moments of that person. This usually as strong as the memory was, but will eventually fade over time through the handling of other people. Some haunted jewelry has been known to be more sinister or even cursed. A famous piece is the Hope Diamond. The large cut of blue diamond that has supposedly cause great misfortune to those who possess it through out history, from royalty to socialites. It is currently housed at the Smithsonian. I had the chance once to actually try and look at this amazing stone years ago. For something cursed, many people had no problem wanting to gaze at it, which prevented me from getting a good look at it.

Jewelry can also be created or altered to hold a charge for particular purposes in magick and ritual. Often you will hear about rings crafted with a mix of metals and semi-precious stones to become a magician’s ring of power. The ring is often worn on the dominant hand that is used in magick and is a focal point for the energy. If you cannot afford to have a jeweler to create an item for you, and do not have the skills to do so yourself, pre-made jewelry can be just as effective. Items with symbols that connect with you or have a connection to what you are energetically working with can be charged and used. You can also alter the piece by scratching words of power into the item. The jewelry becomes almost a psychological trigger to remind you of shielding or acquiring something in our life. Before you use a pre-made item, it would be good to cleanse it as you would an antique item so you have a clean slate to work with. This is so you don’t have any lingering energy from previous owners or even people picking it up randomly and admiring it in the store.


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