Something in the Attic

Article By: Eilfie Music

Why does the attic freak most people out? Is it because it is a small, enclosed space hardly used other than to store the Christmas decorations and unused toys?

Earlier on in Paranormal State, I had usually been put outside into the woods during Dead Time to try and commune with the trees – I mean spirits – with little luck. This last season, the pattern seemed to be to put the witch up in the attic to freeze her butt off while communing with the old toys; I never did find a clown to take home, though.

Both the attic and the basement are the most unpopular areas in the house; sometimes people convert either one into a living space to utilize the space, but most often people want to forget about them. These spaces become cluttered and moldy with memories that we don’t think about until the day we have to clean them out. Not wanting to throw anything out, you have an attic filled with reminders of the present and the past, which might be one of the reasons why they seem so haunted. People often report lying still in bed while they hear footsteps going back and forth in the attic or the whisper of voices.

The first problem that I have had with being in the attic during a Dead Time is the fact that you can hear everything – every creak and bang, and all the voices from your fellow investigators moving around downstairs in the house while you are trying to not make a noise and still ask questions. The next problem that you come across is that you have a very dark space filled with many objects that cast shadows. Each time you move, or there is a slight vibration in the house, it seems like a shadow person is moving around the boxes. I am not saying that all the movements were tricks of light, but once you focus you often can see easily that the shadow is not some disembodied spirit, but an old bicycle or abandoned dollhouse.

People theorize that energetically these spaces are hardly used, that the energy that often flows freely through the house becomes stale and collected in these spaces. Much like dust gathers in the corners, so does energy. When you spring-clean the house to get rid of the dust and stale air from the winter, spaces such as attics and basements should also be opened and cleared out of dust and stale energy. As you do this throughout the year, it should hopefully reduce the unease that comes with these spaces.

One of the methods to clear the corners is to visualize the energy as piles of dust, and to take your broom or hands and sweep it away and gather it in the middle of the room. You can then either sweep it out a door like cleaning out the dirt or visualize pushing it down into the ground and dispersing it into the earth. If you’re in the attic and doing this, just imagine the energy pushing through all the levels of your house and into the ground where it can be of better use. This should be done more than once a year to keep the space clear.

These may not be the most popular spaces, but they should not be avoided just because they are not well-lit or the coziest. This might be why we believe spirits hide in these spaces: because they are secluded and ignored.


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