How to create your own “Bag of Tricks”

by: Eilfie Music

From a very early time in PRS, I had started taking with me items that could be used for cleansing or protection during a case. This first started off as a simple bag of incense, salt, and quartz. Over time the bag grew with experience and what would work since each case is different. The kit soon earned the name “Bag of Tricks”. The bag of tricks was not brought on all the cases, but if the case looked a little crazy, it was something to have around.

These days the bag of tricks is now a medium size hard shell make-up box. Along with the usual sage and salt, I also carry with me candles, other kinds of incense, oil, chalk, Ting Sha bells, and my trusty athame (black handle ceremony knife). My kit is more slanted towards a pagan path, since Ryan usually carries his own supply of Holy water, holy oil, and a crucifix during a case if it is needed.

When you are creating your own “Bag of Tricks” it can be a mix of spiritual items incase you work with investigators and clients that are of other spiritual paths. This is a more or less a kit for the spiritual side of paranormal investigating to easily break out if needed. It can start small with a few key items and then grow as you learn and practice with other items. Here are a few things to ask yourself when putting together this spiritual tool kit:

-Is this a personal bag of tricks for investigations or is it for a group?

– Is this directed with your own personal beliefs or will this be for when you work with clients or fellow investigators?

– Will this be simple universal items or do you want to get more specific?

If this is for a group and will be included with the investigation, then you will want to keep the foundation very simple and then add items depending on the case your working on. You will also want let them know your planning on doing this, so everyone is conferrable with the idea and even get input on what to include. You don’t want to be at a case and suddenly whip out a smudge stick without giving far warning.

You will want to have a container that is sturdy for the ware and tare of investigation. A hard shell case would work well depending the size of the items. Luckily most of these items are small and easy to take in a small case. If you have any incense in stick form then you want to refresh it about every six months to an year since incense can loose it potency in smell as the oil degrades.  Resin lasts longer, but is very potent when burned; so burn in small amounts, and you will need a fireproof container and plate under that to prevent scorching. If you do use resin, you will need to get coal brackets to burn the incense on. With the incense sticks, you will need a container or holder to catch the ash.  Salt and oils last longer as long as they are kept in an airtight container to prevent moister from getting in. In general, you will want to go through your bag of trick every six months depending on how often you use it to replenish items and throw out obvious expired items. This will help you also to see you need to add any new tools to the kit.

Here is a list of items for a very basic kit:

-Sage, Frankincense, myrrh, or sweet grass.

These incenses work well as a focal point for cleansing an area or yourself and fellow investigators. Ask first before you smudge an area or person.

– Salt or Sea Salt

This can be used to create boundaries sealing off an area during or after a case.

-Oil such as olive oil

This can be blessed depending on your spiritual path and can also be used as a focal point when cleansing.

– Various minerals such as quartz, fools gold, iron (like a key), tigers eye.

These can be placed around the house as a ward of negative energy, and carried as a personal protection.

– White and black candles.

Use in a pinch for spirit communication or to banish a spirit.

-Bell or Ting Sha bells.

Used to start or end a cleansing ritual or used in a house blessing.

– St. Michael and St. Benedict medals.

These can bury on the property at the four corners as a form of protection. Remember to ask the property owners permission before doing this.

Any of these items can be taken out depending on your personal preference.


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