New painting in the works “Baron Samedi”

Started a new painting recently. This is sort of a compaion piece to the Marie laveau painting I did last year. This one is of the Voodoo Loa Baron Samedi. He is quite a interesting gentleman and very cool to paint.

This is during the early stages after inking over the pencil. After painting with acrylic, I will go over it again with the inking to do touch ups and add more detail.

At the moment the colors are pretty solid and with little depth, as I go along I will be adding more layers and hopefully add more to the background, I want to incorporate symbols connecting with New Orleans. Baron Samedi’s veve* is not completed, I will be finishing it when the painting is closer to being done.

* The veve is a the word used to discribe a symbol that is used during a voodoo ritual to call on a praticular Loa or spirit. This like the loa’s signature.

Here is a site with some information on Baron Samedi:

This is my personal painting, please not copy or use in any way. Thank you.


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