Celebrating Plastic Beach with New and Old Drawings

Here is a quick water color sketch I did in celebration of Gorillaz new album that came out Monday called “Plastic Beach”. I’ve notice a slight change in the style of drawing for the characters but not too different from “Demon Days”. Murdoc is of course one of my favorite to draw. I actually did this one real fast just to see if I could still draw Murdoc at all. I had a quick reference from the “Demon Days” cover and that was it. So it actually turned out pretty good for not drawing this character in the last three years or so.

I then had to dig out one of my old Murdoc drawings to compare; it was a favorite of mine. Had to dig deep into my bin of old art work in order to fine it. Now I have a pile of artwork I need to go through and pull out some new ideas.

Here is a old piece dated 5/23/06
I made a copy of it and slapped it on the cover of one of my sketch books.

Gorillaz © Damon Albarn & Jamie Hewlett
Art © Eilfie Music


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